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Mental Health Assistance During COVID and Beyond Thumbnail

Mental Health Assistance During COVID and Beyond

During COVID-19 and after the pandemic crisis subsides, our friends and family will be faced with the aftereffects in many areas of their lives.   If there is someone you know that requires guidance, access to learn a new skill or simply more information to get started on self-care, there are many organizations that can help.   Here are a few we have found that might be of help to someone you know and would like to help support.

  •   ConnexOntario:  an Ontario public mental health website with a wealth of information on coping with a multitude of mental health issues.  On this website you will find direct links to a 24/7 hot line number, on-line chat support and other valuable links like MINDyourMIND.
  •  The Big White Wall:  a website that offers 24/7 peer support with full anonymity.  This website also has links to articles and webinars.  
  • BounceBack: is a “Life Skills” program that allows people 15+ to access free self guided tools to support their mental health.   There are workbook, videos and coaching support. 
  • Children and youth:  The Ontario Government has a web page that deals specifically with children and youth.  This page has a variety of links, phone numbers and resources to guide parents, grandparents or any other caregiver of children and youth who are suffering from any kind of mental health issues.


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