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We'll Help You Stay the Course 

It Starts with a Conversation

Your financial well-being is not only about the investments in your accounts. Rather, it is about reaching your goals and living the life you desire.

Our personalized approach ensures you are both confident and knowledgeable about the path we are following. We start with a conversation so that we can hear your dreams and goals, your financial questions and concerns. Once we understand you and your unique needs, we apply the tools that are appropriate to your situation.  Throughout, we take advantage of opportunities to minimize tax and maximize your financial security.

Investing for your future is about YOU. And we want to know you better! Start now by contacting us for an introductory appointment.

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Conversations may be in our office, over Zoom, at a local coffee shop, your home or on the phone, but meetings will always cover a variety of themes as we work to know more about you and your goals. We know you will have questions too - and we’re ready for them! Our breadth and depth of experience ensures that you are comfortably transitioned through each phase of life.

Our Services include:

Investment & Asset Management

  • Goal setting and Required Rate of Return
  • Asset allocation based on personal goals and objectives
  • Ensuring investment selection is inline with goals & risk tolerance
  • Tax efficiency of Investments
  • Fee Analysis
  • Continuous Monitoring and goal checks

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Income Projection and Analysis
  • Pension Analysis
  • Severance
  • TFSA or RSP ?
  • Goal Setting
  • CPP and OAS Analysis

Estate Planning  

  • Legacy Planning
  • Inheritance
  • Intergenerational transfers
  • Estate Bond
  • Gifting to children
  • Trusts
  • Charitable donations

**Some Estate Planning strategies may require the involvement of a legal professional.

Tax Minimization Strategies

  • Tax efficiency of investments
  • Tax deferral
  • Tax conversion
  • Passing assets through your estate
  • Income splitting
  • Intergenerational transfer

**Tax minimization strategies abide by rules set forth by the CRA and may require us to work along side a Chartered Accountant.


  • Capital Needs and Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Education Planning     
  • Short term goal planning 
  • Debt Management
  • Beneficiary audit

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